When your demand for ice is no longer satisfied by your refrigerators, you need to purchase an under-counter icemaker. Many exist in the market at different price points, but many disappoint. Here are the best under-counter ice makers you can buy in 2017.

best portable ice makers you can buy 2017

Whirlpool GI15NDXZS

If you want an ice maker that can produce 50 pounds of ice each day, then the Whirlpool GI15NDXZS is best for you. Apart from when water is running, it is quiet and efficient. The steel design gives it an elegant look, and the compactness means it can fit under any kitchen counter. The $1490 price tag is high, but reasonable if you consider the quality and convenience you get.

Danby DPC6012BLS

The key feature for the Danby DPC6012BLS is numerous compartments. It can store 60 beer or soda cans, 12 wine bottles and eight pounds of ice. It provides the 3-in-1 convenience that will endear it to you. Additionally, frost is reduced by the fan cooling system, and a bright LED makes it look very attractive. It retails for $1399, and it is great for the first time buyer.

Maxx Ice MIM75

The Danby excelled due to its versatility, but the Maxx Ice exceeds in performance. It can produce 75 pounds of ice and 25 can be stored in the unit. It has a very solid construct, and it easily fits under any kitchen counter or even in your garage. Accessing the ice settings is a hassle because the front cover must be removed. It redeems itself with an $1189.99 price.

KitchenAid KUIC18NNZS

At $1979, the KitchenAid KUIC18NNZS is quite pricey, and the 51 pounds of ice production is not the best. However, it has the largest capacity capable of holding 35 pounds of ice. Additionally, the ice-cubes are relatively clear and last long. The redeeming feature is the max ice setting that boosts the production speed by 56 percent. It is the best when hosting parties because of its capacity and production speed.

These ice makers are somewhat different and different people will be attracted by different features. They are all reputable brands, compact and efficient, making them arguably the best-rated ice makers you can buy.

Still haven’t found anything yet? Then you can still check out these 2 models below:

EdgeStar Red Portable Ice Maker: http://theicemakerlab.com/edge-star-red-portable-ice-maker/

Koldfront Ultra Compact Portable Ice Maker: http://theicemakerlab.com/koldfront-ultra-compact-portable-ice-maker/

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