Nowadays the majority of people already have a good ice maker for their home. Just by looking for the best under-counter ice maker, you’ve already saved yourself from a lot of headaches along the way.

But, just by having a good ice maker does not mean you are free from trouble. Sometimes you will encounter a small problem with your ice maker and chances are you don’t know how to fix it.


That’s the reason for my article today. In this article, I’m going to talk about one of the most common problems that every user have to face when they use an ice maker which is discolored ice.

What is discolored ice then?

I think it’s pretty straightforward already, but just in case you don’t know then I will explain it to you. The next time you come and get some ice from your ice maker and you don’t see a transparent ice, instead, it does not look clear then you’re looking at discolored ices.

So what’s the fix?

Below are a few things that you must take a look first if your ice maker is behaving strange.

-Check the inlet valve: the first thing that you must take a look at is the inlet valve. Locate your ice maker supply line, unplug it and remove the screws of the valve to check.

-Clear the supply line: turn on the water source and let it clear the supply line with water. There might be some dust in there that can make the ice discolored.

-Take care of the ice tray: if the ice mold tray is dirty and there is a high chance that your ice is not going to look good at all. So take care of it, wash it and clean it with a clean towel.

-Put in a filter for the supply line: this will clean the water before it comes into the ice maker. You should take care of it as well if you’re going to install it.

Remember, just by buying the best portable ice machines, you’re going to have an easier life already. So take note.

Just in case you don’t have anything in mind at the moment, here are some models that you can take a look at:

Koldfront Ultra Compact Portable Ice Maker:

DELLA Portable Electric Ice Maker:

Ivation Portable Ice Maker with Easy-Touch Buttons:

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